Carpet Cleaning Has Many Health Benefits

It is likely that your home is your refuge, and you will do everything in your power to maintain it. You know the many health benefits of a clean home. However, carpet cleaning has distinct health benefits. Carpet cleaning is good for the carpet’s appearance, longevity, and health. Read more?

However, it can be harmful to your family, particularly if you have breathing issues like asthma, snoring, or other respiratory conditions. Health and carpet professionals recommend vacuuming carpets twice or three times weekly and cleaning them at least once per year. What are the health benefits? Let’s look closer.

Get rid of Trapped Toxins

Unclean carpets can be a source for a range of indoor air pollution according to research. You can let pet dander, allergens from cockroaches, metals, dirt, or dust get trapped in carpets. These unwelcome pollutants can attach to your carpet and trap toxins. Your ability to breath may be negatively affected by the pollutants and toxins that are released when you vacuum, walk on or touch carpet. If you have lung problems or other breathing issues, this could spell trouble. Carpet cleaning done by professionals regularly not only eliminates bacteria but it also gets rid of any hidden pollutants or toxins.


Your home may be infested by dust mites, or any other microscopic creatures. Even though these tiny creatures don’t cause allergic reactions directly, their urine has been identified as an allergen. Due to their tiny size, dust mites can inhale their bodies and feces easily. It can trigger allergic reactions as well as disrupting breathing. This is the most commonly used professional carpet cleaning technique. It exposes microbes such as dust mites, to temperatures high enough that they will not survive.

Avoid Mold and Mildew Growth

Carpet cleaning professionals are highly recommended for those who live in areas with high humidity. Carpets can absorb moisture from wet or humid environments. If not dried properly, mold and mildew could appear. This fungi have been linked to a variety of health issues and can be prevented by regular carpet cleaning. Carpet cleaners use high-powered tools to extract moisture from carpets, preventing mildew and mold growth.

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