It will enhance your happiness

Blue Sapphire Blue Sapphire, Blue sapphire has been the emblematic stone of Saturn. Vedic Astrology identifies Neelam gemstone as powerful. Neelam compatibility is believed to allow anyone the opportunity to have a major impact. Saturn is very powerful and lasts a lifetime, just like Neelam. Saturn also has a gemstone called Neelam, that can alter the destiny of the wearer. Blue Sapphires should only be used if Mahadasha Shani, or the Mahadasha of an individual is on the other side – helpful resources.

Sapphire gemstone benefits

Blue sapphires are a great sign. They can bring wealth, happiness, honor, and fame. It can also be used to eliminate poverty and illness.

Blue Sapphire gemstones brighten your eyesight, and give you a radiant smile. This stone has the power to grant many of you wishes.

The gemstones of blue sapphire are good for treating eye conditions, vomiting or hiccups.

Neelam’s ability to provide instant results is renowned. It brings you to the top and grants you abundance, wealth and prosperity.

Blue Sapphire can help you achieve miracles if both of you work in harmony.

Neelam gemstones protect one from enemies and evil magic.

Neelam enhances efficiency and allows you to do any job with confidence.

Neelam can also solve complex problems.

This will improve your digestion, remove laziness from you and help make you feel more complete.

Neelam Stones also have healing properties. They keep your mind, and even brain relaxed.

Neelamratna will begin to bring auspicious and favorable results to the people in your life. Starting with the removal of medical conditions, it is a great way to start.

The wearer of Neelam Rasna may be blessed. The talisman will enhance your success and promote advancement.

Sapphire stone wearers should experience no bad luck.

Sapphire is a very good choice for people who have Saturn inverted from their birth chart. Gemstones are also able to increase the power of weak Shani.

Wearing Neelam stone increases concentration, success and focus.

This element is for anyone born in Taurus ascendant (or Libra ascendant) or Libra ascendant.

Sapphires are a gemstone that has an impact on-

Following the wear of the blue sapphire gemstone, a Saturday food donation and Saturn constellations should follow.

Don’t eat non-veg alcohol on Saturday

Responding to persons with disabilities

Respect the elderly residents of your home.

Fertilize gemstones each month with milk ghee water and sesame.

Chant 108 time “Aum Sham Shanaish-charaayeNamah” before wearing stone. The positive vibrations will help your gemstone to come alive.

Wearing the blue Gemstone does not mean you can give someone false assurances. Other consequences may be severe.